Thursday, 11 August 2011


Gold coins of 5 Sovereign (40 gm) or Cash equivalent

  One gold coin weighing 1 gm. to one subscriber in each Chitty/Class of duration ranging upto 50 months
and to two subscribers in a Chitty/Class of duration above 50 months irrespective of chitty
denomination, will be awarded at branch level
Branch level prize winners will be determined through branch level draws on the date of I't auction
of respective chitties.
(1) A non prized subscriber who dies unfortunately will be paid back the gross instalment
remitted by him/her without deducting proportionate foremanos commission.
(2) A prized subscriber who meets with unfortunate death, shall be eligible for a waiver of his
future liabilify, subject to a maximum of t 2 lakhs.
The liabilities in this regard will be met out of a corpus fund of { 50 Lakhs for the financial
year' on a first come first serve basis.
New Chitty Loan upto 50% of the sala will be made available to subscribers who have
remitted 5o/o of the total instalments, in the chitties coming under 'Swarna Varsha-2011',

Saturday, 6 August 2011

ponnona chitty 2011

commencing shortly ; Ponnona chitty 2011
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